Bilanmatic 10000 MX test lane, Motorsykkel

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Bilanmatic 10000 MX test lane, Motorsykkel


The lane may be split into several bays, allowing simultaneous testing of multiple vehicles: 16 possible users via 16 infrared remote controls (patented by Muller Bem) with no risk of the data being confused.

- 2,3 and 4 wheels - Taking account of various assembly of the braking circuits

- The passage of a motorcycle on the brake tester chassis presents risks to the technician and to the vehicle if the motorcycle is not held in place. The “wheel clamp” locking system ensures a perfect hold on the 2 wheels during brake, speed, emissions and headlamp testing. Moreover, the wheel clamps significantly improve the performance of measurement devices.
- At suitable points on the lane, steps with a pressure sensor guarantee maximum safety for the technician.

- Console with directional 22» tft flat screen
- Industrial pc running Microsoft Windows
- Multi-User infrared remote control
- Brake tester chassis
- Braking force
- Dynamic weighing
- Force applied to the brake pedal
- Force applied to the brake lever
- Wheel clamps
- Line motorcycle, tricycle, quadricycle

Software :

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