Bilanmatic 8000 MX test lane

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Bilanmatic 8000 MX test lane


Elektronisk bremserulle produsert for det nordiske markedet. 
Leveres 100 % digital og med sveisede stålruller.
Kan kombineres med Actia Muller sin suverene støtdempertester samt, 
sporvidde plate.
Leveres for bruk med 4wd biler, og elektronisk parkbrems på bla VAG og Volvo.

The 8 000 Mx multiplexed test lane for light vehicles, enables you to produce full reports to ensure the safety of your customers.
Completely modular, you can build your test lane to your requirements (numerous options available).

The Bilanmatic 8 000 Mx is the most advanced product on the market. Its combined technology has been developed to increase your productivity thanks to its multiplexed system. Our Mx system enables high performance and accurate operation of your test lane.

Remote Maintenance
For instantaneous remote assistance in operating your equipment.

Simplified electronics
Easier and faster maintenance and upgradability of your equipment. Thanks to standardised parts and simplified electronic wiring, the addition of equipment and adaptation to new vehicle testing standards (EOBD, Giegnet – Gieglan protocols) are achieved at minimum cost.

Fully digital system
Greater measurement accuracy and 100% reliable results.

High-tech design
A more attractive, modern workshop to welcome your customers.

Multi-station and multi-controller system
Test several vehicles simultaneously for maximum profitability from your test station.

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