Elektrohydraulisk sakseløfter: 1535A

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Elektrohydraulisk sakseløfter for tyre and car body shops: 1535A



// 1535A

Pneumatic tyre shop platform

  • Two step drive on and drive off ramps
  • Easy to install
  • Only a pneumatic connection required
  • Originally designed for tyre centers, this platform has become a multi-purpose equipment for all jobs, which call for a safe lifting platform.






(1535A.1) Telescopic adjustable arms

// (1535A.1) Telescopic adjustable arms


  • (1535A.1) Telescopic adjustable arms


Technical data 1535A
Capacity 2.500 kg
Weight 330 kg
Lifting/descent 15 s
Lifting height 500 mm
Lunghezza 450 kg
Overall width 3410 x 2560 mm
Motore 10/12 bar

The manufacturing Company reserves the right to make modifications to its machines at any time without.

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