Hydraulisk jacking beam: 1542SR-1542SRA

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Hydraulisk jacking beam: 1542SR - 1542SRA

1542SR - 1542SRA

 // 1542SR - 1542SRA


Hydraulic jacking beams


  • Support kit for jacking beam
  • Lifting pad extensions:
    - 60 mm V1542.1
    - 100 mm V1542.6

Support kit for jacking beam * Optional

// Support kit for jacking beam * Optional


TECHNICAL DRAW: Available versions

Available versions
Lifting pad extensions * Optional
// Lifting pad extensions * Optional


1542SR - 1542SRA

Technical data 1542SR - 1542SRA
Capacity 3.000 kg
Lifting height 280 mm
Min extension (arms retracted) 935 mm
Estensione max. (bracci aper ti) 1.725 mm
Gauge vedere dettagli schemi
Weight 135 kg

The manufacturing Company reserves the right to make modifications to its machines at any time without.


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